Furnace Maintenance Plan

Full maintenance check for flat FEE 119$

Maintenance Furnace


Furnace maintenance checklist

Many homeowners don’t think furnace maintenance is necessary, but over time high energy bills and low efficiency of the system prove otherwise.

A scheduled check-up for your heating system is the best way to keep your equipment running smoothly during the colder months. Our licensed HVAC specialists use professional maintenance tips to ensure the faultless workflow of your equipment. We offer maintenance plans that will definitely fit your family budget.

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Gas furnace maintenance

If you notice your heating system is malfunctioning, this is an important reason to seek our furnace maintenance service.

Our professional technician will conduct a full diagnostic inspection and do everything possible to prevent serious damage to the unit. But even if it seems to you that your system is working fine, this is not a reason to neglect regular check-ups.  Regular gas furnace maintenance will prevent your heating system from serious breakdowns and high repair costs.

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Oil furnace maintenance

Even minor issues affect the production and capacity of your unit. An oil furnace that is regularly checked by our professionals may work efficiently for many years.

We are always ready to help you anywhere in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg. Schedule your appointment right now and get a full maintenance check for a flat fee – 119$.

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    When should the furnace maintenance be performed?

    It’s recommended to schedule a furnace inspection before the cold weather hits – usually in September or October. Yearly furnace maintenance can help to address small issues before they become bigger problems. Our professional technician can identify potential problems and offer solutions to keep your furnace running smoothly.

    Why should I have a professional furnace inspection?

    Furnaces work incredibly hard. A continual operation can wear it down if the proper maintenance is delayed. The furnace is made up of complex parts – some of them, like filters, are easy enough to inspect and replace, but many other components are best looked at by someone who has been specially trained. Preventative maintenance ensures your equipment is given the longest lifespan possible by finding, reporting, and repairing small problems before they result in expensive breakdowns.

    What can I do to help maintain my furnace between inspections?

    The most important thing you can do is to make sure you keep your filter clean. Furnace filters can get clogged with dust and other debris fairly quickly. If you use disposable filters, this means they should be checked monthly and replaced every 3 months. Washable filters should be washed, dried, and re-installed once a month.

    What’s furnace maintenance?

    It’s an inspection of your furnace that helps to keep your equipment in good working condition. The technician will check all the major components used to generate and circulate warm air, and measure carbon monoxide levels.



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