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Rent Whole House Carbon Filtration System

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Rent Whole-House Carbon Filtration System


Why should you rent a whole-house carbon filtration system?

Considered to be one of the oldest technologies on the planet, carbon filtering is an extremely effective method of removing contaminants and chemicals from the water.

A whole-house carbon filtration system can eliminate various threats to your health and bring numerous benefits, including:

  • Removing contaminants and chemicals from the water.
  • Enhancing the taste of water.
  • Extending the lifespan of your appliances.
  • Maintaining the color of your clothing.


Rental program

Finances are the number one factor in deciding whether to rent or buy just about anything. For every budget and every water treatment need, we can help you to find the most effective water filtration solution for your home.

Our program allows you to rent whole-house carbon filtration system for a low monthly rate. We can customize the best water filtration system for your home to ensure your unit will remove all the impurities and contaminants in your water. Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment equipment and services.


Carbon filtration: what it does

Carbon has been a standard feature in water treatment since the Egyptians discovered that storing water in charcoal made it stay fresher and taste better.

Carbon filters remove chemicals by the process of adsorption. They attract certain chemicals at the molecular level in the way that a magnet attracts metal. Carbon filters are not created equal. They are designed for selected special purposes. Performance depends upon the amount and the type of carbon and the way the filter is designed.

With the sheer number of options on the market in Canada, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you have any questions, we’re ready to assist you today. We communicate honestly and treat our customers like a family.

If you still have questions, leave your phone number and we will call you back!

    Whole-House Carbon Filtration System FAQs

    What is a whole-house water filtration system?

    A whole-house water filter is a system connected to your home’s main water supply. All water that is used for drinking, cooking, washing, or bathing, goes through the central filter. Water filters can be very effective at diminishing a broad range of contaminants, unpleasant odors, and bad tastes. Carbon-based whole house filter systems are the most economical to purchase and maintain compared to the others.

    How do carbon filters treat water?

    Activated carbon filters use a process called adsorption. As the water passes through the activated carbon, it acts like a sponge and absorbs the contaminants.

    What do carbon filters remove from water?

    Carbon filters effectively remove up to 99% of total suspended solids, volatile organic compounds, sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and a bunch of other contaminants that linger in drinking water.

    What are the advantages of whole-house carbon filtration systems?

    Whole-house carbon-based filtration system can deliver clean water for all your household uses. The advantages are enormous: you’ll enjoy the safe taste of pure water every time you open your tap; save on disposable water bottle costs & help to preserve the environment; extend the life of your water-using appliances and household pipes; have healthier skin & hair; benefit from softer, brighter, and longer-lasting clothing.



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