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Improve the indoor air quality

Just like the human body, your dwelling inhales and exhales air continuously. The difference is that the housing’s duct system has no self-cleaning function. That is why duct cleaning is an essential service, and it’s imperative to perform it from time to time. Dust, debris, pet hairs and dander accumulate in your air ducts, stick together and absorb humidity from the air, becoming a perfect “cradle” for harmful bacteria and microbes growth.

Air filters can’t protect your vents from this completely – just to stave it off for some time. Day by day, dirty ducts slowly pollute your indoor airflow, ruining your health and leading to adverse consequences such as allergies and asthma.

A simple duct cleaning procedure performed by trained and skillful HVAC experts safeguards your family from such an outcome.

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Increase the lifespan of your units

Your ducts supply air for HVAC units, and every time you turn your AC or range hood on, dirty vents can harm it, leading you to unavoidable and unexpected repair costs. Your AC, no matter how expensive and powerful it is, will collapse because of dealing with polluted air for long enough. Range hoods are no exception as their vents can be easily clogged with grease from your cooking.

Don’t let your appliance be ruined by dusty and greasy ducts – order duct cleaning service now and secure it.

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Get guaranteed long-lasting result

The HVAC service solutions experts use up-to-date equipment to clean ducts and ventilation channels quickly and without massive dismantlings in your house. We use powerful vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to collect contaminants from inside the channels. Then, high-pressured air is employed to purge the ducts and destroy hard buildups. This procedure performed within a couple of hours makes your ducts spotless, and the result can last for years.

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    Duct Cleaning FAQs

    Is duct cleaning necessary?

    We can state that it actually is. Dirty or blocked ducts can harm you and your family as they strike simultaneously from two angles – pollute the air you breathe and destroy your HVAC units that use that air to work. No matter how your ventilation system is constructed and how many filters you have in it – duct cleaning is a must.

    Do new houses need duct cleaning services?

    Believing that the new house you have just moved in surely has clean ducts is a huge mistake. We have seen for too many times how ventilation canals in newbuilt houses are full of drywall dust and other construction remnant contaminants.

    How often should ducts be cleaned?

    That depends on several factors to pay attention to. How many people live in your house constantly? Do you have any pets inside? How much carpeting does your interior have? And what kind of air filters is installed in your HVAC system? The answers determine the required duct cleaning frequency. On average, it’s every four to six years.

    Is it possible to clean ducts by myself?

    Duct cleaning requires special equipment and skills. Your regular vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to handle that job. So, it’s pointless to try it. We strongly recommend calling specialists out for performing duct cleaning.

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