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Repair Ductless Air Conditioner

In HVAC Service, we repair any type of air conditioners, including ductless ones. You can find our service centers all over the Ontario region. We have a team of licensed technicians who can cope with repairs during the first visit at the fixed price. 

All you need is to call 16474174434 and report your problem.


Signs Your Ductless AC Needs a Repair

In many cases, timely repair can protect your ductless air conditioner from serious damage and keep repair costs low.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  •         Unresponsive сontrols;
  •         Unusually high electric bills;
  •         Reduction in cooling output;
  •         Grinding noise coming from the indoor unit;
  •         Ice formation on the outdoor unit’s cooling coils.

Our highly experienced and courteous technicians offer personalized service and free written estimates. LG ductless air conditioner repair issues require professional intervention. We strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive rates. If you’re looking for reliable ductless air conditioner repair service in Toronto, Canada, contact us today.

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Do Ductless AC Systems Have Unique Repair Needs?

Ductless systems do have special needs and can malfunction in the same way a regular air conditioner can, just with a few added factors to consider.

Here are some repair needs that are unique to ductless ACs:

  •         Water leaks behind the air handlers

Each of the air handlers is connected to the outdoor unit through a conduit routed behind it. These lines can leak, and if this happens water will begin to develop between the back of the air handler and the wall.

  •         Broken air handlers

If a single air handler breaks, the rest of the air handlers throughout the home will continue to operate. The only area of your home affected will be the one with the broken air handler.  

  •         Refrigerant leaks

The potential danger that loss of refrigerant presents is unique since refrigerant runs all the way to the indoor air handlers up on your walls. Refrigerant leaks must be accurately located, refilled, and patched up.

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Why Trust Us for Ductless AC Repair?

We are trained to perform repair service for all brands and models of ductless cooling equipment.

We diagnose issues fast and get to work to perform needed repairs and restore comfort within your home.

  •         When you set an appointment, we arrive on time and get to work without delay.
  •         We work quickly without compromising the quality of the repair. 
  •       With our many years of training and experience, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.
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If you still have questions, leave your phone number and we will call you back!

    Ductless Air Conditioners FAQs

    What is the difference between ductless ACs and central ACs?

    The main difference is how they deliver cool air. Ductless ACs blow cold air directly into the one room, while central ACs blow cold air into a network of air ducts where it’s dispersed throughout the building.

    Why are ductless air conditioners more efficient than central air systems?

    With a central AC system, cool air has to travel through your air ducts to reach the rooms and a lot of it seeps out which forces the system to work harder, wasting energy. Because ductless systems don’t need ducts, energy loss is much less of a concern, which results in improved efficiency and lower energy costs.

    Why choose ductless ACs?

    • Speed installation
    • No noise
    • Division into separate cooling zones
    • Lovely designs
    • Wall-type AC
    • Floor-mounted AC
    • Ceiling mounted AC
    • Floor ceiling AC
    • Сartridge AC (    for floating ceilings)
    • Channel AC (for floating ceilings)

    By application:

    • Domestic AC
    • Industrial AC
    • Semi-industrial AC

    By the regulation method:

    • Non-inverter AC (discrete adjustment)
    • Inverter AC (continuous adjustment) – more cost effective, allow to create an optimal microclimate due to the ease of adjusting the temperature regime


    What is ductless air conditioning?

    A ductless air conditioning system, or mini-split, is an efficient, scalable way to control temperature of specific rooms of a home. It provides air conditioning for a single zone using one indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a remote control.

    Can ductless AC help lower carbon footprint?

    Ductless ACs follow ENERGY STAR guidelines and use R410A refrigerant which doesn’t deplete ozone. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Because they don’t have ducts, no air is lost due to duct leaks. And zoning capabilities allow setting the thermostat in each room individually, which means you will be using energy only where you need it.



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