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Buying a new AC system is a long-term investment in your home comfort. To make this important decision, you should contact HVAC specialists who know exactly what equipment will be the most suitable for your house.

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10 YEAR FREE maintenance with a purchase of a new AC Unit
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Choosing a reliable and durable air conditioner may resemble a challenge. The changing Canadian weather conditions are always surprising. Yet, during the summer, you or your family requires fresh and cool air. Thus, the Trane air conditioner is a go-choice if you look for quality and tasty price together.

Trane AC models are subject to a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. They hold EnergyStar certifications. As for the efficiency and performance of the units, any Trane ACs have advanced temperature control. It works by limiting temperature spikes and keeping your bills low. What’s most important for those having small kids is that Trane AC models run quietly and guards the sleep of your beloved ones.

Trane heating and cooling systems are all tested to ensure the highest durability. You won’t come across breakdowns with the Trane split system within the months of usage. Besides, Trane air conditioners in Canada are powered with several unique features, including anti-corrosion, anti-crack, and anti-rust protection.

The HVAC Service offers a wide range of Trane ACs in Canada, including mini splits, central ACs and even more. Installation goes alongside purchase for free. Besides, a variety of individual Protection Plans is available.

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