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Repair Air Conditioners

If your air conditioner is noisy, stops cooling or heating the air, stops turning on, starts leaking, we can fix it. Our specialists serve any type, model, and brand. We use only high-quality spare parts, therefore we give a guarantee for further functioning.


Repair vs Buying a New Unit

Every modern family can now generate a cool breeze right at home, the perfect solution in the hot weather. Studies show that a cooler household temperature can lead to a deeper, more satisfying sleep. So when your AC breaks, the HVAC Service has your back with premium air conditioner repair services.

Air conditioner repair near me

We service air conditioners everywhere in Ontario, and you can book an appointment anytime. Our 24 hour air conditioner repairs are conducted thoroughly by certified technicians.

Air conditioner repair near me:

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Markham
  • Vaughan
  • Kitchener
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When is Buying a New Air Conditioner Better than Repairing an Old One?

While making a decision, we recommend assessing the cost of the repair since the situation when older models are more durable than their newer competitors is not rare. However, if your air conditioner is more than or about 10 years old and the cost of repairs is close the price of a new one, you should consider replacing it.

We service over 60+ brands, including: Carrier, Lennox, Ruud, Tempstar, Goodman, Coleman, Frigidaire, Luxaire, Payne, Rheem, Trane, Amana, Bryant, York, American Standard, Day & Night, Hell, Arcoaire, Maytag, Armstrong, Ducane.

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Maintenance and Tuning up

To repair is always cheaper than to buy. We service all brands and models, including portable, central air, window, ductless models, and more. You can book a repair, maintenance or tune up anytime with our emergency same day service.

If you still have questions, leave your phone number and we will call you back!

    Home AC Repair Appointment

    1. Call us anytime to make an appointment. Our support service specialist will help clarify details and choose the time that suits you best. When making an appointment, to identify your air conditioner and the cause of its malfunction will be a plus. Doing so includes the following steps: inform our agent about a brand, model, and year; report the reason for the malfunction (for example, the conditioner may not turn on, can be noisy, lack of cooling/heating while operating).

    2. The specialist will contact you to reconfirm a convenient time right before the visit.

    3. Our specialist will diagnose, study out the problem, offer you repair options, and calculate the cost of repairs based on your situation.

    4. If you are satisfied with the specialist’s offer, the technician will repair your conditioner immediately. Our specialists always have a fairly extensive set of instruments. However, if the technician does not have the necessary parts, we will order them and postpone the master’s visit.

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    Air Conditioner FAQs

    How often do I need to clean my air conditioner?

    Ideally, air conditioning maintenance should be performed twice a year, but in most cases, one cleaning a year will be enough.

    Received Your part? Here’s the next steps?

    Do not open the packaging (the spare part may be defective, and only a specialist can determine this). Call us, let us know you have received the details and our specialist will visit you shortly.

    Why didn’t the HVAC technician have the part needed to repair my equipment?

    There are a lot of models of air conditioners, our trucks cannot transport everything. Spare parts are stored in our warehouse. If you indicate the brand, model and year of manufacture, as well as announce the current malfunctions (noises, does not cool, does not work, etc.), we can find the right spare parts shortly. Thus, a second visit will not be needed. If you have outdated equipment, we will order spare parts from manufacturers and agree with you the time and date of repair.

    What types of ACs do you repair?

    When your AC breaks, the HVAC Service has your back with premium air conditioner repair services. We repair air conditioners of all brands and types, including wall split systems, ceiling cassette conditioners, and portable conditioners.

    What does your repair include?

    Our repairs include:

    • Comprehensive diagnostic;
    • Affordable quotes with fixed costs, including all labour, and parts, with full transparency;
    • Access to our 24/7 Repair Support Center, where you can consult with experts and schedule an appointment anytime;
    • Fully guaranteed work, including labour coverage for 90 days, and warranty on parts.

    What if the HVAC Service is unable to repair my Rented AC?

    If your rented AC cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a working one at no extra cost on your part.

    What Do Chargeable Repair Service and Cooling Protection Plan Include?

    Chargeable Repair Service

    • AC diagnostics by a licensed specialist;
    • naming the fixed price for a complete AC repair including both prices for spare parts and cost of work;
    • we give a one-year warranty on spare parts and a 90-day warranty on our work;
    • a comprehensive home care list that outlines the health of your equipment.

    Cooling Repair – Protection Plan

    • AC diagnostics by a licensed specialist;
    • $500 coverage for repairs and parts;
    • setting up equipment following the manufacturer’s requirements;
    • breakdown insurance – in case of an emergency, we will immediately send a specialist to fix the malfunction;
    • a comprehensive home care list that outlines the health of your equipment.

    What are TOP 10 AC Problems?

    • AC doesn’t work
    • Dirty filter
    • A lot of sun inside building
    • Air leaking
    • Air conditioner vibration
    • The air conditioner does not blow well
    • The AC turns off after 10 minutes
    • The air conditioner turns off immediately after turning on
    • The valve freezes
    • Outdoor unit icing

    We have dealt with all of the above breakdown types. Our specialists, not to exaggerate, can fix any of them. The most necessary details and instruments are always in the truck. But, it will be better if you describe the problem in full while signing up for a service.



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