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Benefits of quality heat pump repair

A heat pump is one of the essential units in your home that operates throughout the year to cool or heat the space. Hiring a professional to repair your heat pump in brings multiple benefits, including:
  •         More efficiency could be achieved.
  •         You can extend your heat pump’s lifespan by ensuring proper repair.
  •         You’ll breathe easier knowing that your home is healthier.

We can diagnose & troubleshoot any heat pump problem

Due to its mechanical nature, a heat pump is likely to undergo wear over the years and show signs of poor performance eventually. Some of the most common issues we fix include:

  •         Heat pump isn’t turning on.
  •         Blowing cold air in heat mode.
  •         Heat pump is running constantly in moderate weather.
  •         Fan on the indoor air handler is not activating.
  •         Heat pump isn’t cooling properly.
  •         Heat pump isn’t providing enough heat.
  •         Heat pump produces unusual noises.
  •         Outdoor unit is blocked.
  •         Outdoor unit is frozen.

When to call an expert for heat pump repair?

If your space has a heat pump system that provides both heating and cooling, it may seem like there are twice as many possible causes when something goes wrong.

If your space has a heat pump system that provides both heating and cooling, it may seem like there are twice as many possible causes when something goes wrong.

While several issues can be easily remedied by the average homeowner, some repairs will require a qualified technician.

Contact us if you can’t resolve the issue yourself before a small problem becomes a bigger repair bill. If you’re asking yourself where you might find the best combination of cost and service for heat pump repair near me, our approach will exceed all your expectations. Whether you require pool heat pump repair, or condo heat pump repair Toronto, we’re here for you. Our experts have profound knowledge and a lot of experience, which allows them to conduct emergency heat pump repair in Toronto, Halifax, Moncton, and surrounding neighborhoods. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us anytime.

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Knowledgeable, friendly, professional and I’m so happy with the repairs they carried out. Thanks guys!
Scarlett Bailey
Prompt, efficient, reliable, honest, trustworthy. Happy to find such a professional company and provide absolutely fantastic service. The HVAC service are true professionals. The technician came out the same day to assess our boiler returned to do the service the following day. Gave honest assessment and very knowledgeable advice. From now on they are most definitely our “go to” for any boiler/plumbing work. Thank you!
Phillip Feldman
I’m happy with how things went. Chris puts in a lot of effort and keeps his work space clean. Chris figured out that our Goodman water heater wouldn’t turn on because it was missing a piece. He fixed it and told me what to do so that it wouldn’t happen again. I like it!
Martine Rice
I had never used The HVAC Service before. I had a lot of fun. The service is very helpful! The expert, Daniel, set up a time that worked for me. He came when he said he would and cleaned the boiler quickly. Thank you for The HVAC Service.
Winston Larson
Derek is a good technician who always shows up on time. The furnace didn’t need to be changed. Had a checkup and a cleaning. The HVAC Service should be used by everyone.
Evelyn Stewart
I like The HVAC Service! Dave, the technician, was easy to get along with. He does good work and is a good person. When we asked him about the job, he came with everything I needed the next day. I thank him for the consultation and for explaining all the features and quality repair Lennox water heater. Everything was done well and quickly. Thank you.
A Google User
I sincerely want to thank HVAC for how responsibly they handled the staff selection. All the technicians that have helped me have been great workers and good people. I have been satisfied every time, thank you.
Sandra Mayer
On Friday I awoke to a damaged boiler. When I called The HVAC Service, the specialist told me that it would be in 10 min, the boiler was fixed and operating 2 hours after the call.
Sophia Vaughn
Dave, thanks a lot! He is an expert, and I would tell anyone to hire him. I have a Lennox boiler. Dave fixed it right away. He was friendly and explained everything in detail. He also helped with other problems. Thank you for The HVAC Service.
Max William
I’m very thankful to my coworker for suggesting that I call The HVAC Service. When my Goodman furnace broke, I didn’t know where to take something so important. I’m so glad I put my trust in Chris to handle it. Thank you for making such a good fix.
Janice Peters

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