Heat Pumps Maintenance Plan

Full maintenance check for flat FEE 119$

Maintenance Heat Pumps


Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance Cost

During cold winters your heat pump plays an important role in keeping your home warm.

If you want your equipment to work smoothly for many seasons, regular inspection is a necessary measure. Maintenance by a professional is vital for any type of heating system, – air-source heat pump as well as geothermal. This procedure will prevent your equipment from serious breakdowns and high repair costs.

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Ground Source Heat Pump Maintenance

Ground source heat pump systems reach a rather high coefficient of performance even on the coldest nights.

But such a heavy load can lead to rapid wear of the system. Preventive heat pump maintenance will significantly extend the service life of your equipment. Our professional HVAC technician will come at any time convenient for you and check your system for any signs of damage. We are ready to help you in Halifax and the surrounding area.

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Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

A scheduled check-up for your heat pump is the best way to keep your equipment running smoothly during the colder months. 

Entrust this work to our certified specialists, who will follow a full maintenance checklist. Our certified HVAC technicians have the knowledge and ability to recognize small problems before they cause a system failure. We offer the most quality service in Canada at a reasonable cost. Contact us now!

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    Do heat pumps need servicing?

    Like any heating or cooling system, a heat pump benefits from routine preventative maintenance.  Routine service reduces the risk of unexpected (and potentially costly) repairs.

    Can heat pump maintenance help the system to perform efficiently?

    Proper maintenance is key to efficient operation. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.

    How often should a heat pump be serviced?

    If your heat pump is your primary heating and cooling system, maintenance should be scheduled twice a year — in the fall and spring.

    Why is preventive maintenance important?

    By performing preventive maintenance, or servicing your system regularly, you can maximize the life-cycle of your heat pump and guard it against many unexpected failures. It is typically less expensive than large scale repairs.



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