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When it comes to servicing and repairing heating systems, they are the greatest technicians I've ever worked with. My parents had scheduled a boiler inspection. Only them, I guess, can fix things. The whole process from ordering to installing my new heating system was excellent. Thanks!
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About 10 days ago we had to turn to The HVAC Service because of our heater. Jason, the technician, finished everything fast, and he said the machine is going to perform well from here on out. Instead of saying "no, sorry, I have to go," he complied with our request for a water heater inspection. Each and every detail was examined carefully. Thankfully, there was no need for any repairs. The whole thing has beyond our expectations, and we would recommend them.
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To put it simply, they have talent. They are kind over the phone and provide a courtesy call 30 minutes before the technician is due to arrive. Chris stayed with us after he repaired our overheated furnace to ensure we understood how to maintain it properly and that his work would endure. Each and every one of the possible stars should be given to this service. Their tune-ups are excellent.
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It was a catastrophe to move after checking the heating systems. The previous owners were concerned about possible boiler leaks and wanted to get them fixed quickly. With the assistance of The HVAC Service, we were able to. Dave showed on the same day for his scheduled visit. Dave was a pro at working with rusty pipes. Nothing; I'm hopeless when it comes to heating system repairs, and I've learned nothing from online tutorials. This company was referred to me when my tankless water heater started leaking. Their expert diagnosed the mineral deposit and fixed the problem effectively.
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Wow, that's very great! They were devoted to selling a good furnace, not the most expensive one, when I called them to buy one. My relief upon learning that competent installation was included into the price was palpable. After arriving at our place, he had everything up and running in within 90 minutes. Thanx.
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Professionals from The HVAC Service are always sent out swiftly to inspect and fix the heating systems (we have turned to this company thrice!). Chris fixed the broken limit switch on the furnace. Once he had inspected the furnace, he got to work with everything he needed. He changed out the machine's limit switch and cautioned us against neglecting it, saying that clogged filters would make further maintenance impossible. Good!
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Without a doubt, I would recommend my friends and neighbors to use this service. Thank you for sending us a great technician like Derek. He is smart and acknowledgeable, and he quickly figured out why the Carrier boiler stopped heating water. He was quickly able to fix it. Awesome.
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I've been using The HVAC Service for a couple of years and can say only good things about these guys. The service is always excellent. I told everyone about it, so now when my family or friends need help, they go to them. I can recommend this service because I believe in it.
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I'd recommend Daniel, one of their techs. He is very good at what he does. He came right away when he got a phone call and fixed a Lennox AC. No questions asked, 5 points.
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Excellent work! Andrey is in charge of the installation, and I want to thank him for being helpful and doing a good job. Everything was done quickly and easily. The HVAC Service is 100% the best.
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The HVAC Service is my choice. I always go to their experts when I have a problem. A water heater should only be fixed or put in by people who know what they are doing. Dave caught a broken-down Trane boiler in time to keep my house from catching fire.
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If you haven't talked to The HVAC Service yet, you should. Don't worry if you don't know which to choose yet. You're in the best place to get help. Last week, Derek tuned up my new Carrier boiler. I've been happy every time.
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Technician Derek, thanks for doing a good job. My Lennox furnace is no longer making noise. This company has the best people working for it.
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Thank you a lot. How many times have your people helped me with tech issues? Oh, countless, you are my personal magic wind. The last time Daniel fixed a Goodman furnace. While I was away, I didn't worry about my home because I knew it was fine.
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This company is without a doubt the best when it comes to getting things done. You can be sure that the work will be done well and that the people who come to your house will do a good job. They only hire technicians who have gone to school and worked for a long time.
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Excellent work! My water heater took a long time to heat up. My husband tried to fix it, but it didn't work. I was lucky to have The HVAC Service's number. The repairman came out the same day and quickly and easily fixed the Goodman water heater. We're both happy, me and my husband.
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One of the wisest decisions I made was to purchase the humidifier from The HVAC Service. The HVAC Service. To begin with, their customer service representatives are always kind and helpful while responding to your questions. The guy who installed the system is very knowledgeable. My needs have been met to my complete satisfaction!
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For my hotel company this company is the best - I just use their service to rent furnaces. When it comes to brands, they don't try to push on their customers and make them select one over another. Instead, they pay attention to what you want and go above and beyond. Exceptional professionalism and excellent customer service!

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When it comes to maintaining your heat pump, look no further than HVAC Service Solutions. We take pride in being the right choice for those seeking a reliable service company that treats your appliances as if they were our own. So, next time instead of searching “heat pump maintenance near me” just contact HVAC Service Solutions. Regular maintenance by our expert technicians not only saves you hundreds of dollars but also spares you from hours of stress and discomfort.

Importance of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Timely heat pump maintenance brings a wealth of benefits to your home and wallet. Here’s why investing in regular maintenance is a smart decision:

  • Enhanced Performance Quality: With proper maintenance, your heat pump operates at its best, providing efficient heating and cooling throughout the year. Better performance equals higher levels of efficiency and comfort without disturbance. Because this is how HVAC should work!
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained heat pump consumes less energy, resulting in reduced utility bills and a greener household. So, if you want to enjoy sustainable comfort without breaking the bank – opt for regular maintenance by HVAC Service Solutions.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Regular maintenance prevents dust and debris buildup, leading to cleaner air and a healthier living environment. Because clean air at home is the foundation of your health.
  • Extended Lifespan: Regular tune-ups help prolong your heat pump’s life, saving you from costly replacements in the long run. By identifying and addressing issues early on, you prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs down the line.
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How Often a Heat Pump Should Be Serviced

For optimal performance, we recommend having your heat pump serviced twice a year – once before the heating season and again before the cooling season. This recommended maintenance schedule is based on average guidelines. However, only a skilled technician can create you personalized maintenance schedule, based on your specific HVAC setup.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance by HVAC Service Solutions

Benefits of Professional Maintenance by HVAC Service Solutions

When it comes to heat pump maintenance, opting for a professional HVAC technician brings significant advantages. At HVAC Service Solutions, our certified technicians are well-equipped to handle a wide range of heat pump issues with utmost effectiveness. Relying solely on DIY maintenance may result in incomplete servicing and costly repercussions. You can count on us for top-notch heat pump maintenance because our technicians undergo thorough training and hold certifications from Lennox, proving their vast experience and expertise in handling various types of issues.

Heat Pump Maintenance Process: How Is It Going On

Our heat pump maintenance process is designed to keep your unit in top shape and your comfort levels high:

  • Thorough Evaluation: When it comes to your heat pump, our skilled technicians start with a comprehensive evaluation of your unit and connected HVAC systems, identifying any potential issues.
  • Discussion and Insights: After the assessment, our technician will provide insights into any areas that might need attention.
  • Transparent Costing: No hidden surprises here! Before we start any work, we’ll give you a clear and upfront price estimate. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the maintenance services you require.
  • Maintenance Advice: Our technicians love to share valuable tips on how to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape between our scheduled visits. Our goal is to maximize your heat pump’s lifespan, so you can enjoy long-lasting comfort.

How Much Does Heat Pump Maintenance Cost?

We believe in being upfront about our pricing. The cost of heat pump maintenance depends on the complexity and current state of your unit. Our transparent approach means we discuss the price before starting any work, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden fees. Every case is unique, so we provide accurate and personalized quotes based on your heat pump’s specific requirements.

To make your experience stress-free, we offer convenient maintenance plans – a service subscription that costs just as much as a cup of coffee, once a month. These plans cover most parts and labor, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your heat pump without worry. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your heat pump maintenance, learn more about maintenance subscriptions and experience the HVAC Service Solutions difference!

About HVAC Service Solutions

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We are HVAC Service Solutions, your friendly neighborhood HVAC contractor. We’ve been providing top-notch HVAC solutions to homes and businesses in our community since 1992.

Do you know who trusts us? Your neighbors! We have more than 1000 positive 5-star reviews from clients all over Ontario. We have more than 40 service centers in the area, so we are quick to help!

We work with over 30 of the best brands in the industry, so you can be sure that we’ve got you covered when it comes to rental, installation, maintenance, or repair services. Our experienced Lennox-trained technicians can handle all types of HVAC systems:

You name it, we can fix it!


Regular air conditioner servicing is recommended annually to maintain peak performance. HVAC Service Solutions offers comprehensive maintenance plans designed to meet the specific needs of your unit. Our annual service ensures efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and extends the operational life of your AC. Our certified technicians conduct a thorough inspection, cleaning, and necessary adjustments for optimal performance. 

Our comprehensive heat pump maintenance service covers a range of essential tasks to keep your system in top condition. Technicians inspect and clean coils, ensuring they operate efficiently. Filters are checked and replaced if necessary to maintain optimal airflow and indoor air quality. Moving parts are lubricated to reduce wear and tear, and refrigerant levels are carefully monitored. Additionally, the overall system performance is evaluated, and any necessary adjustments are made. This meticulous approach ensures that each component of your heat pump functions harmoniously, providing efficient and reliable heating and cooling for your home. 

Scheduling heat pump maintenance at least once a year is recommended to keep the system operating at its best. The ideal times for maintenance are during the spring and fall, preparing the heat pump for the upcoming seasons of high demand. Regular maintenance not only prevents potential issues but also allows technicians to identify and address any emerging problems before they escalate. Our flexible scheduling options cater to individual preferences, ensuring that your heat pump is consistently cared for and ready to meet the demands of changing weather conditions. 

Professional heat pump maintenance offers a myriad of benefits that contribute to the overall efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system. Certified technicians bring expertise to the table, ensuring a thorough inspection and maintenance process. The benefits include improved energy efficiency, early detection of potential issues, extended system lifespan, and enhanced indoor comfort. Choosing professional maintenance provides peace of mind, knowing that your heat pump is in the hands of skilled professionals who prioritize precision and reliability. It’s an investment in the long-term performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. 

While some basic maintenance tasks like cleaning or replacing air filters can be handled by homeowners, a comprehensive heat pump maintenance check requires professional expertise. Heat pumps involve intricate components and a thorough understanding of HVAC systems. Certified technicians are trained to identify and address specific issues, ensuring that the maintenance process is safe and effective. Attempting to perform complex maintenance tasks without the necessary knowledge can lead to unintended damage, compromising the performance and efficiency of the heat pump. 

Heat pump maintenance plays a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency. Tasks such as cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring proper airflow are integral to the process. A well-maintained heat pump operates more smoothly, requiring less energy to provide heating or cooling. This results in lower energy consumption, reduced utility bills, and a smaller environmental footprint. By addressing potential issues and optimizing the performance of each component, professional maintenance ensures that your heat pump operates at peak efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective HVAC system. 

Yes, maintenance requirements may vary based on the type of heat pump. Air source, ground source (geothermal), and ductless mini-split heat pumps have unique features and components that require specific attention. Our certified technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of each type, tailoring the maintenance process to address their specific needs. Whether it’s optimizing airflow, checking geothermal loops, or ensuring efficient ductless operation, our team has the expertise to provide comprehensive maintenance for different heat pump types. 

Yes, heat pump maintenance directly contributes to improved indoor air quality. Regular tasks such as cleaning or replacing air filters and ensuring proper airflow prevent the circulation of dust, allergens, and other particles. By maintaining a clean and efficient heat pump, you create a healthier living environment with superior indoor air quality. This is particularly important for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies, as well-maintained heat pumps contribute to a space free from irritants and pollutants. 

What sets HVAC Service Solutions apart in heat pump maintenance is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence. Our certified technicians undergo rigorous training and bring decades of collective expertise to every maintenance service. We prioritize precision and thoroughness in addressing the unique needs of each heat pump. Tailored maintenance plans, flexible scheduling options, and a customer-centric approach ensure that your heat pump receives individualized care. By choosing HVAC Service Solutions, you’re opting for a reliable partner dedicated to providing professional, efficient, and top-tier heat pump maintenance services.