What Is The Best High-Efficiency Gas Furnace of 2023

What Is The Best High Efficiency Gas Furnace of 2023

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Natural gas furnaces are quite common in Canada, as far as nearly 50% of Canadians use natural gas for heating. These units have an average price of $4,000–$6,500+ and will serve you for up to 20 years if maintained properly.

Modern suppliers offer hundreds of different furnaces with amazing descriptions. It is hard to find the perfect one, isn’t it? As always, we are here to cover your back! If you want to find one of the best furnaces in Canada with high efficiency, scroll down and read our article. Our team made a list of top-rated units, so you can easily decide which suits you better.

How We Compiled Our Furnace Rating 2023

The main goal of this rating is to make your life easier while searching for the best gas furnace for your purposes. Based on our expertise, we compared different units by the following criteria.

  • AFUE. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rate represents the percentage of fuel that is converted into usable heat. Energy-efficient furnaces typically range from 90% to 98.5%.
  • Price. An average heating unit powered by natural gas costs $4,000–$6,500+. Although it’s essential to find a furnace that fits your budget, don’t compromise on quality and energy efficiency for upfront savings alone.
  • Warranty. A longer warranty period usually indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product. We paid attention to the coverage provided for the whole unit as well as its components.
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualification. Furnaces with the ENERGY STAR label are recognized for their superior energy performance and can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying efficient and reliable heating.

These points helped us to define the best high-efficiency furnaces in 2023. Scroll down to find out the most important details about them, and add them to your wish list.

How We Compiled Our Furnace Rating 2023

Comparison of Top-Rated Furnaces in Canada

The best furnace for home should be energy-efficient, provide constant heat, and fit your needs and budget. Our team pointed out 6 top-rated residential furnaces that proved their efficiency and reliability and can help you to create your own indoor climate while lowering your energy bills. Check out the most essential parameters in the table below.

Energy Efficiency
Initial Cost
ENERGY STAR® qualified
Lennox ML196
5 years on covered components and compressor

20 years warranty on heat exchanger

10 years Extended Limited Warranty is available with product registration
Lennox EL296
5 years on covered components

10 years on compressor

20 years or lifetime warranty on heat exchanger, depending on the model 10 years Extended Limited Warranty is available with product registration
Lennox ML296V
up to 96%
5 years on covered components and compressor

20 years warranty on heat exchanger

10 years Extended Limited Warranty is available with product registration
Trane S9V2-VS
Trane S9X1
RunTru A952V
15 years Limited Warranty on covered components

Even though all of these natural gas furnaces are a good choice for your home, it is better to consult a certified expert before the purchase. He will take into account all your desires and peculiarities of your home to find the one that suits you most.

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The Best High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces for Home: Top Rate 2023

Based on our 31-year expertise in HVAC, we pointed out the best furnaces in Canada for your home. Let’s find out more about them and their special features below.


Lennox ML196: Maximized Efficiency, Exceptional Durability

Lennox ML196 is a single-stage furnace with 96% AFUE rate. Its Power Saver™ constant-torque motor helps to produce more constant airflow, which increases overall comfort indoors. Moreover, this furnace has a steel cabinet for quiet operation and lower noise levels. The blower compartment is sealed as well as air filter and humidifier are compatible.

This HVAC unit is energy-efficient and saves you nearly $7,518 in 10 years. Also, you can qualify for tax credits or rebates with Lennox ML196 which means more cost savings. Find out more about Lennox rebates in Canada in our last article.

Lennox ML296V: Variable Speed, Enhanced Airflow

Lennox ML296 is a two-stage furnace. It produces more constant heat, compared to the single-stage models. The furnace has a variable-speed motor, enhanced humidity control, and an ultra-low continuous fan.

Steel cabinet ensures quiet operation without loud noises. Air filters and humidifiers are compatible.

Lennox ML296V has up to 96% AFUE rate, which saves you up to 37% per year. The unit is also eligible for tax credits and rebates, so you can save even more with these incentives.

Lennox EL296: Perfect Balance, Quiet Performance

Lennox EL296 is a two-stage furnace with variable-speed motor. It provides constant heat indoors, which increases overall comfort in your house.

The unit has a fully insulated cabinet for almost noiseless operation. Also, the furnace has enhanced humidity control with ultra-low continuous fan. The blower compartment is sealed, air filters and humidifier are compatible.

Lennox EL296 has 96% AFUE, which makes the unit one of the most energy-efficient in the market. It can save you nearly $3,759 in 5 years. As far as furnace lifespan usually covers up to 20 years, you will have $15,036 in cost savings.

The unit is eligible for tax credits and rebates, so you can save more with incentives. You can find out more about Lennox rebates in our article via the link https://thehvacservice.ca/lennox-rebates-in-canada-go-green-and-save-your-budget/

Lennox SL P98

Lennox SL P98 has up to 98,7% AFUE, the highest energy efficiency on this list. Its variable speed motor with modulating heating system dynamically adjusts the heat output. The systems provide more even distribution of heat, prevent overshooting the set temperature, and optimize energy usage by avoiding frequent on-off cycles.
The furnace is designed with SilentComfort™ technology. It operates with noise levels up to 4.5 times quieter than similar models.
Lennox SL P98 is also equipped with innovative iComfort™ technology. Combined with user-friendly programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat, it allows your furnace to exchange information and provide desired adjustments. These technologies offer you a completely new heating experience.
Follow the link https://thehvacservice.ca/lennox-rebates-in-canada-go-green-and-save-your-budget/ to find out how can you save money with Lennox rebates.


Trane S9V2-VS: Optimal Comfort, Cost Effectiveness

Trane S9V2-VS is a top-notch two-stage gas furnace. It has higher output in colder days and lower in milder days. The unit operates smoothly to produce more even heat throughout the building.

The furnace has a variable-speed motor to ensure steady airflow, so it will maintain desired temperatures indoors. Moreover, the unit is equipped with Comfort-R™ technology for humidity control.

Trane S9V2-VS has 97% AFUE rate, which means that the furnace will consume less energy to heat your home. You can also qualify for rebates or tax credits to save money on incentives.

We are proud to be the official Trane supplier, so you can buy Trane S9V2-VS furnace online on our website.

Trane S9X1: Intelligent Performance, Smart Self-Diagnostics

Trane S9X1 is a one-stage gas furnace with 96% AFUE rate. It means that 96% of consumed energy is converted into heat to keep your house warm. This energy-efficient unit reduces energy bills, so you can save nearly $15,036 during its lifetime.

As most of Trane furnaces, Trane S9X1 is made with high-quality components. The unit has the following special features.

  • Constant torque ECM blower motor for more constant heat
  • Self-diagnostic integrated furnace control board
  • Full insulation for quiet operation
  • Patented Vortica™ II blower design

The furnace matches with single- and two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps, so you can enjoy all benefits from the coordinated operation of these units.

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RunTru A952V: Maximized Energy Savings, Eco-Friendly

RunTru A952V is a two-stage furnace constructed with top-of-the-line technologies to produce constant heat. It has a variable speed motor that controls precisely the heating output. RunTru A952V includes stainless-steel heat exchangers to ensure efficient heat transfer and prevent corrosion.

The furnace has 96% AFUE rate which makes it energy-efficient. You can save 37% on energy bills per year and protect the environment, reducing the amount of carbon emissions.

Read our article to find out how to save up to $10,000 with the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program.


The HVAC Service Solution team made a precise list of the best furnaces in Canada to keep you warm and save money on energy bills. We considered their AFUE rates, price, warranties, ENERGY STAR qualification, and special features to find out the most quality and energy-efficient units in the field.

But if you want to find the one that perfectly matches your wishes, home parameters, and budget, contact us via the link below for a free detailed consultation.