Lennox Rebates in Canada: Go Green and Save Your Budget

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Are you tired of overpaying your bills because of old, inefficient equipment that consumes too much energy? With more than 100 years of expertise, Lennox offers you HVAC units with high energy rates. They consume less energy, reduce carbon emissions and enhance the overall coziness of your building.

Read this article to find out how to upgrade your house with energy-efficient Lennox HVAC systems and save money with Lennox rebate in Canada.

Benefits of Choosing Lennox HVAC Systems Rebates

Lennox is on the list of top ENERGY STAR companies in Canada. Some of their AC units reach up to a 28 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which is higher compared to other manufacturers. The major benefits of choosing Lennox rebates are listed below.

  • Location. Lennox consumer rebates are mostly location-based. You should clarify the eligibility terms and receive certain benefits from local dealers across Canada.
  • Cost Savings. Lennox HVAC systems are quite expensive, but you can lower this sum with Lennox HVAC rebates. In the long term, these units will save you money on cheaper energy bills.
  • Environmental Impact. As far as there is a growing tendency among governments to ban equipment with low SEER rates, invest in your energy-efficient unit and save money with Lennox rebates.

Remember to check the specific terms and conditions of the rebates offered by Lennox and their local dealers to ensure you meet the requirements and take advantage of the available benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Lennox HVAC Systems Rebates

How Much Money Can I Save with the Lennox Rebate Program

Lennox usually offers seasonal incentives that are available for a certain period of time. They can be realized in the form of rebates, discounts, or credits that are applied to your purchase.

From the 3rd of July to the 11th of August, you can buy qualifying items from a participating Lennox dealer and receive the following incentives.

  • Up to $1,850 for a home comfort system that includes a gas furnace or blower coil, an air conditioner or heat pump, and a thermostat.
  • Up to $150 in combined rebates on air purification, zoning, and a smart thermostat.

The rebate must be submitted through a complete online form and proof of purchase no later than the 1st of September via the link.

You can find more information about these seasonal incentives on the official Lennox website.

How Much Money Can I Save with the Lennox Rebate Program

Lennox rebates in Canada are location-based, so you can find more precise information about them from local dealers. The eligibility criteria and amount of payments vary.

The HVAC Service Solutions, as an authorized Lennox dealer, can offer you up to $1,900 for a new furnace and air conditioner and a smart thermostat as a gift.

Follow the link to contact us and find your energy-efficient unit with reasonable rebates.

Types of Rebate in Canada by Lennox

Lennox can offer a variety of incentives that can benefit you in different ways.

  • Federal Tax Credits. These rebates will save money on the purchase of a new unit.
  • Regional Utility Rebates. Note that a few utilities can give rebates to those who upgrade their current HVAC systems to energy-efficient units. The payments can be quite sizable, so find out more about available options from your local utility provider.
  • Manufacturer Rebates. Lennox has certain manufacturer rebates that are likely to save your budget significantly.

You can find out more about available Lennox rebates in Canada on the company’s official website or through your local provider.

Which Lennox Products are Eligible for Rebates in Canada?

Lennox offers you a variety of HVAC products to enhance your indoor atmosphere and save money and planet through equipment with high SEER rates.

Lennox rebates are seasonal and location-based, so you can get more information about incentives, eligibility criteria, and specific terms from your local authorized dealer.


Lennox offers energy-efficient equipment that can enhance your home comfort while saving you money on energy bills. With their seasonal rebates and incentives, you can take advantage of special discounts and credits when purchasing Lennox HVAC systems.

If you’re interested in exploring your options or have any questions, contact the HVAC Service Solutions for expert advice and assistance via the link below.


FAQ About Lennox Rebates in Canada

Lennox rebates are seasonal. You can get more information about available incentives and eligibility criteria from your local authorized provider. As an authorized Lennox dealer,we can offer you up to $1,900 for a new furnace unit and air conditioner.

Lennox offers rebates for most of their HVAC systems. Find all up-to-date information from your local provider.

The HVAC Service Solutions is an authorized Lennox dealer, so you can contact us at any time of the day for a detailed consultation.