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Picture this: a chilly Canadian winter evening, and you find yourself faced with the daunting task of selecting a furnace to combat the biting cold. The stakes are high, the choices are vast, and the fear of making the wrong decision looms large. But fear not; our guide is here to navigate you through the maze of choices. In this comprehensive Keeprite furnace reviews guide, we unravel the complexities of the furnace market, easing the burden of choice and offering a lifeline for those seeking not just warmth but a reliable, efficient, and enduring solution to winter’s icy grip. 

Overview of Keeprite Furnaces

In the vast landscape of home heating solutions, Keeprite furnaces stand out as a testament to innovation and reliability. Engineered with precision and a deep understanding of the Canadian climate, Keeprite offers a diverse range of furnaces, each tailored to address the unique heating needs of homes across the country.

At the core of Keeprite’s offerings are gas furnaces, renowned for their efficiency and consistent performance. These furnaces leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal heat distribution, providing homeowners with a reliable source of warmth even in the harshest winter conditions. Whether you’re seeking a powerful solution for a spacious home or an energy-efficient option to keep utility bills in check, Keeprite has a gas furnace to match your requirements.

In addition to gas furnaces, Keeprite provides oil and electric furnace options, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and home setups.

Types of Keeprite Furnaces

In addressing the diverse heating needs of Canadian homes, Keeprite Furnaces offers a range of options designed to provide efficient and reliable warmth. Explore the following furnace types to discover the one that best suits your preferences and living space:

1) Keeprite Gas Furnaces

  • Known for their efficiency and consistent performance.
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures optimal heat distribution.
  • Available in various models, catering to different heating requirements.

2) Oil Furnaces

  • Robust and dependable heating solution.
  • Ideal for areas where gas availability may be limited.
  • Offers a powerful alternative for homes seeking reliable warmth.

3) Electric Furnaces

  • Clean and efficient heating option.
  • Contributes to a greener approach to home comfort.
  • Suited for those looking for an environmentally conscious solution.

Each type of Keeprite furnace is crafted with precision and innovation, ensuring that homeowners have the flexibility to choose a heating solution that aligns seamlessly with their unique needs and preferences. As we delve into the distinctive features of each type, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of why Keeprite furnaces are celebrated for their versatility and reliability across a broad spectrum of Canadian homes.

Keeprite Furnace Reviews: Models and Prices

Keeprite Furnace Reviews and Buyers Guide

In the pursuit of optimal home comfort, navigating the sea of furnace options can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making process, we delve into a detailed comparison of the best Keeprite furnace models. This section serves as a comprehensive guide, offering you an in-depth look at the features, performance, and affordability of various Keeprite Furnace models. 

KeepRite’s Entry-Level Furnaces - Affordable Warmth for Every Home

Exploring the foundation of KeepRite’s furnace offerings, the entry-level Performance series brings affordable warmth without compromising on quality. With an average price range of $3,800 to $4,800, these furnaces cater to homeowners seeking budget-friendly solutions for their heating needs.

Performance 92 – N92MSN:

  • Single-stage, multi-speed furnace with an AFUE of 92.1%.
  • A basic and affordable entry-level furnace ideal for milder climates.
  • Budget-conscious homeowners benefit from its simplicity and reliability.

Performance 95 – N95ESU:

  • Single-stage, multi-speed furnace with an AFUE of 95%.
  • Ultra-low NOx emissions furnace for cleaner burning and lower environmental impact.
  • Well-suited for homeowners prioritizing efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Performance 96 – N96MSN:

  • Single-stage, multi-speed furnace with an impressive AFUE of 97%.
  • Dual fuel compatibility for enhanced energy savings when paired with a heat pump.
  • Ideal for those seeking a balance between efficiency and budget.

Performance 96 – N96VSN:

  • Single-stage, variable-speed furnace boasting an AFUE of 97%.
  • Features a rigid press joint heat exchanger for enhanced durability and efficiency.
  • Offers efficient heat transfer and is suitable for a variety of home sizes.

Ideal For: Homeowners with smaller budgets looking for reliable and quality furnaces. The Performance series is well-suited for milder climates or smaller spaces, providing basic features without compromising on essential functionalities.

KeepRite’s Mid-Range Furnaces - Balancing Efficiency and Affordability

Moving up the spectrum, KeepRite’s mid-range QuietComfort series strikes a balance between efficiency and affordability. Priced in the range of $4,300 to $5,300, these furnaces are designed for larger spaces and colder climates, offering enhanced performance and better warranty coverage.

QuietComfort® 96 – G96VTN:

  • Two-stage, variable-speed furnace with an AFUE of 96.7%.
  • Equipped with a variable-speed ECM blower motor for consistent temperatures and lower energy use.
  • Ideal for larger spaces and colder climates, providing improved efficiency and comfort.

Ideal For: Homeowners seeking a mid-range furnace that performs well in larger spaces and colder climates. The two-stage operation enhances efficiency, and it’s a great option for those prioritizing better warranty coverage.

KeepRite’s Top-Tier Furnaces - Precision and Smart Comfort

At the pinnacle of KeepRite’s offerings, the top-tier Ion series combines precision heating with smart comfort features. With an average price range of $4,800 to $5,800, these furnaces cater to a broad spectrum of homes, from smaller residences to larger homes in cold climates.

Ion™ 95 – G95CSU:

  • Single-stage, variable-speed furnace with an AFUE of 95%.
  • Ultra-low NOx furnace suitable for environmentally conscious homeowners.
  • Compatible with KeepRite’s smart thermostat for advanced control.

Ion™ 96 – G96CTN:

  • Two-stage, variable-speed furnace boasting an AFUE of 96.7%.
  • Better warranty coverage and compatibility with the Ion System Control for sophisticated features.
  • Ideal for those seeking enhanced control and advanced comfort settings.

Ion™ 98 – G97CMN:

  • Modulating, variable-speed furnace with an impressive AFUE of 98%.
  • The quietest and most efficient option in KeepRite’s lineup, making incremental adjustments for precise temperature control.
  • Suitable for a wide range of homes, from smaller residences to larger homes in colder climates.

Ideal For: Homeowners looking for top-tier furnaces with diverse specifications. The Ion series accommodates homes of various sizes and climates, offering smart thermostat compatibility and excellent warranty coverage at a competitive price point.

Best Keeprite Furnace Models Comparison

To make it easier for you to choose the best Keeprite furnace for your home, we have created a comparative table of the best models. 

Keeprite Furnace Reviews

Special Features
Ideal For
Performance 92 – N92MSN
Single-stage, multi-speed
Basic and affordable entry-level furnace
Smaller budgets, milder climates, smaller spaces
Performance 95 – N95ESU
Single-stage, multi-speed
Ultra-low NOx emissions furnace
Environmentally conscious homeowners
Performance 96 – N96MSN
Single-stage, multi-speed
Dual fuel compatibility
Balanced efficiency and budget
Performance 96 – N96VSN
Single-stage, variable-speed
Rigid press joint heat exchanger
Enhanced durability and efficiency
QuietComfort® 96 – G96VTN
Two-stage, variable speed
Variable-speed blower for consistent temperatures
Larger spaces, better warranty coverage
Ion™ 95 – G95CSU
Single-stage, variable-speed
Ultra-low NOx emissions, Smart thermostat compatibility
Environmentally conscious homeowners, smart control
Ion™ 96 – G96CTN
Two-stage, variable speed
Better warranty coverage, Ion System Control compatibility
Enhanced control, better warranty coverage
Ion™ 98 – G97CMN
Modulating, variable-speed
Modulating for precise and consistent temperature
Quietest and most efficient option, diverse homes

Reach out to HVAC Service Solutions for a piece of the professional advice to choose the best Keeprite furnace for your specific needs. You can consult with our HVAC professionals on our website via the link below.

Keeprite Furnace Prices

Understanding the financial aspect of investing in a home heating solution is crucial, and Keeprite recognizes the significance of providing options that align with various budgets. Keeprite furnace prices vary based on factors such as model, features, and installation requirements. Here, we provide an overview of the general price range to give you a sense of what to expect when considering a Keeprite furnace for your home.

Entry-Level Models: typically fall within the range of $2,000 to $3,500, making them accessible for homeowners looking for cost-effective heating solutions.

Mid-Range Models: prices for these gas furnaces typically range from $3,500 to $6,000, offering a blend of advanced features and competitive pricing.

High-Efficiency Models: prices can range from $6,000 to $10,000, reflecting the investment in cutting-edge features and enhanced performance.

For precise and personalized pricing information, reach out to HVAC Service Solutions or a certified Keeprite dealer. By providing transparent and competitive pricing, Keeprite ensures that homeowners can make informed decisions based on both their heating needs and budget considerations.

Check out how much it costs to install a new furnace in Canada in our previous article.


From the budget-conscious seeking efficiency in milder climates to those desiring top-tier performance in colder regions, Keeprite offers a furnace for every need. The amalgamation of advanced features, environmentally conscious designs, and budget-friendly options underscores Keeprite’s commitment to providing versatile, reliable, and efficient solutions to navigate the diverse climates and preferences of Canadian homeowners.

Our team stands ready to provide expert advice, professional furnace maintenance, and seamless installations, ensuring that your Keeprite furnace not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to navigate the world of heating solutions with confidence, embracing warmth, efficiency, and peace of mind in every winter season.

Frequent Asked Questions

Keeprite furnaces carve a distinctive niche through their unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Unlike generic offerings, Keeprite models are crafted with precision and incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent and reliable warmth. The diverse range of series, including Performance, QuietComfort, and Ion, allows homeowners to tailor their choice according to specific heating needs.

Whether it’s the budget-friendly efficiency of the Performance series or the advanced features of the Ion series, Keeprite stands out for its versatility and dedication to providing high-quality heating solutions.

Understanding AFUE ratings is crucial for evaluating efficiency. Keeprite furnaces boast competitive AFUE ratings across series, ensuring efficient fuel-to-heat conversion.

High AFUE: Keeprite furnaces exhibit high AFUE ratings for efficiency.

Cost Savings: Higher AFUE translates to reduced fuel consumption, leading to cost savings.

Environmental Impact: Efficient operation contributes to a lower environmental footprint.

The Ion Series stands as the pinnacle of Keeprite’s furnace offerings, introducing a range of advanced features. Notable among these are ultra-low NOx emissions, modulating capabilities for precise temperature control, and compatibility with smart thermostats like the Ion System Control. The ultra-low NOx feature contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly operation. Meanwhile, modulating capabilities provide homeowners with the ability to achieve precise and consistent temperature levels, offering a higher degree of control over their home comfort. Additionally, compatibility with smart thermostats enhances the overall user experience, bringing convenience and energy savings to the forefront. 

Keeprite furnaces are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring suitability for a wide range of home sizes. The Performance series, with its entry-level and mid-range options, caters well to smaller homes. On the other hand, the QuietComfort and Ion series, with varying specifications and advanced features, are adept at accommodating larger residences. This adaptability reflects Keeprite’s commitment to providing a diverse lineup, ensuring there’s an ideal furnace for every home, regardless of size. 

Absolutely. Keeprite Furnaces are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of Canadian winters. Models within the Performance and Ion series, in particular, offer high AFUE ratings, dual fuel compatibility, and modulating features. These attributes ensure optimal performance even in the coldest climates, providing homeowners with reliable and efficient heating during the most challenging winter conditions. 

Dual fuel compatibility, exemplified in models like the Performance 96 – N96MSN, represents a pivotal feature in Keeprite Furnaces. This capability allows for seamless integration with a heat pump. The synergy between the furnace and heat pump enables the system to automatically switch between gas and electric heat, adapting to temperature changes in real-time. This dynamic operation not only optimizes energy savings but also enhances the overall efficiency of the heating system, making it particularly advantageous for homeowners seeking versatility and improved energy efficiency. 

The Ion System Control, a smart thermostat compatible with select Keeprite Furnaces, is designed to elevate the user experience to new heights. This advanced technology empowers homeowners with sophisticated features, advanced control, and real-time monitoring of their heating system. From adjusting temperatures remotely to optimizing energy consumption, the Ion System Control offers unparalleled convenience and customization. This intelligent integration not only enhances daily comfort but also contributes to energy savings, making it a valuable addition to the overall home heating experience. 

Environmental consciousness is ingrained in Keeprite Furnaces, and models like the Ion™ 95 – G95CSU and GMVS96-U showcase this commitment. These furnaces feature ultra-low NOx emissions, reducing their impact on the environment. The incorporation of environmentally friendly elements aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-conscious home heating solutions. Homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint can confidently turn to Keeprite furnaces as a step towards a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home. 

Keeprite furnace warranty coverage varies across series and models. Typically, the Performance Series provides standard coverage for essential components, ensuring peace of mind during the initial period. The QuietComfort Series extends warranty protection, offering enhanced support for critical components. In the top-tier Ion Series, Keeprite often provides the most comprehensive Keeprite furnace Warranty coverage, including extended warranties for key components. Homeowners should thoroughly review the specific terms associated with their chosen Keeprite furnace model to fully grasp the extent of warranty protection. For detailed insights and to explore additional warranty options, turn to HVAC Service Solutions, where we provide comprehensive information and guidance to ensure your decision aligns with worry-free heating for years to come. 

HVAC Service Solutions is your dedicated partner in ensuring a seamless and informed experience when selecting and maintaining Keeprite Furnaces. Our expertise extends across two critical aspects:

1) Expert Guidance in Selection:

  • Personalized Consultation: Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your home’s size, heating requirements, and budget constraints to provide personalized recommendations.
  • Series and Model Insights: We offer in-depth knowledge about the various series, such as Performance, QuietComfort, and Ion, highlighting key features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.
  • Matching Your Needs: By understanding your preferences and priorities, we guide you towards the Keeprite Furnace model that aligns perfectly with your specific heating needs.

2) Professional Maintenance Services:

  • Routine Inspections: Our maintenance services include regular check-ups to ensure your Keeprite Furnace operates at peak efficiency.
  • Component Evaluation: We inspect critical components for wear and tear, addressing potential issues before they escalate.
  • Cleaning and Optimization: Routine cleaning and optimization of your furnace contribute to extended lifespan and consistent performance.
  • Timely Repairs: In the event of any issues, our skilled technicians promptly address and resolve them, minimizing downtime and ensuring your furnace functions optimally.

Choosing HVAC Service Solutions means gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing your home’s comfort and efficiency. From the initial selection process to ongoing maintenance, our team is committed to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring your Keeprite Furnace operates reliably and efficiently throughout its lifespan.