Why You Must Refuse from R-22

What is R-22, and why do people not use it anymore?

R-22 is a poisonous gas. It is colourless, odourless, which makes it even more dangerous for human beings. The intoxication with such gas can badly affect the heart, liver and lungs. It also can cause convulsions. If this gas is heated, the more dangerous chemical gases are produced. One of such gases, phosgene, was used in WWI as a chemical weapon. We also know R-22 as Freon. It was used in conditioners, fridges and cars. This gas’ mass production is believed to be one of the Global Warming causes, as it destroys the ozone layer. That is why the Montreal Protocol forbids the manufacturing and usage of harmful substances for the ozone layer, including Freon. Such developed countries as the US, Canada and Germany have already refused to use Freon. But what can we do with the conditioners that still use R-22?

main Why You Must Refuse from R 22

New types of Freon

Beginning from 2000th most air-conditioners use new types of Freon. The most popular is R-410A, which is considered to be safe for the ozone layer. The good point is that you don’t have to change the conditioner, you only can change the Freon. The bad point is that such a change can be the reason for your appliance malfunctions.


The most widespread problems that can appear after the new Freon usage include leaking or compressor burnout. Such issues don’t mean you have to buy a new conditioner. You only have to change the malfunctioning parts. You can also try to use different types of Freon such as R-4207C, R-407C or R-S44B. The cheapest one is R-S44N, and it is the easiest to use. If you want to change the Freon or have any issues with your device after such a procedure, it is better to rely on HVAC specialists. Contact them to get a consultation or get your appliance repaired.

If you have an old conditioner, which serves you more than 10 years, you should consider buying a new one. Few tips can help you to make the right decision.

Why You Must Refuse from R 22 2

How to save your old appliance

The crucial is the maintenance of your device. You should do a check-up of your conditioner at least once a year. It helps to prevent the appliance from malfunctions. It also protects the environment from possible contamination with Freon leakage.

In 2019, the UN called the next decade “The hottest decade in whole climate observation history,” and the main reason is Global Warming. We have to take care of our planet, and refusing from Freon usage is one thing we can do for that.

The HVAC Service can help you to gradually switch to a new type of Freon. We help you to help the Earth.