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Air conditioners for rent

In the sweltering heat of the summer, sometimes you just need to cool off and relax. If you don’t want your house to become a sauna this year, it is essential to have a modern cooling system.

If your cooling system has broken, The HVAC Service offers air conditioners for rent. Consider these advantages to renting your air conditioner:

  • Renting an air conditioner is only $10 to $70 / per month, vs $600 to $3000 to buy
  • Renting has no installation charges, and no liability for repairs
  • Studies show that 90% of air conditioners need a repair in the first 10 years
  • Air conditioner repair costs can exceed $400
  • Renting agreements are for the life of the appliance

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Why should you consider a rental?

Rental units practically pay for themselves, especially when factoring in the discounts and rebates that you receive from utility providers and the government. Renting is the most affordable option if you want to save money on your next energy bill.


We service over 60+ brands

Carrier, Lennox, Ruud, Tempstar, Goodman, Coleman, Frigidaire, Luxaire, Payne, Rheem, Trane, Amana, Bryant, York, American Standard, Day & Night, Hell, Arcoaire, Maytag, Armstrong, Ducane.

Our air conditioners for rent are a no-brainer. We cover all parts, labour, repairs, and full unit replacement, with 24/7 expert support.

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If you still have questions, leave your phone number and we will call you back!

Compare AC Options

Cost RangeRental
$67 to $138 per month
$3,500 to $6,000 including standard installation from a fully-insured, licensed company that includes at least a one year warranty and all required licenses.
Installation Charges$0Included
Maintenance Costs$0No included
Repair Costs$0AC fan motor: $697 | AC fan blade: $317
Who Owns the AC UnitThe HVAC ServiceYou
Extended Warranty$0No included
Agreement Lenght Life of equipmentNone

Air conditioner FAQs

What type of air conditioner is suitable for my home?

There are different types of these devices.

  • Wall split systems are quite compact, and can easily fit into any interior. Depending on the model, there may be a different noise level and a set of options (for example, heating, cooling, air ionization, temperature selection, etc.).
  • Ceiling cassette conditioners consist of 2 parts: internal and external. The first is installed outside, behind the room. The second is in the inter-ceiling space. The main advantage of this device is a uniform cold air distribution around the entire perimeter of the room.
  • Portable conditioners. As you can guess by the name, there is no requirement for stationary installation. Indoor and outdoor units are in the same body. A mobile device is an excellent option for a rented apartment.

How often do I need to clean my air conditioner?

Ideally, air conditioning maintenance should be performed twice a year, but in most cases, one cleaning a year will be enough.

How much does it cost to rent an air conditioner?

Renting an air conditioner is only $10 to $70 / per month, vs $600 to $3000 to buy.

How to choose the right size of air conditioner?

When choosing the right size of air conditioner, you should take into account the room size and age of your home, how many windows your home has, insulation, and specific homeowner requirements. Choosing the right size can save you money and reduce your energy use.


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