Wall-Mounted Gas Condensing Boiler Buderus GB142 Series Capacity 104,000 BTU

  • Rating
  • Capacity104000
  • AFUE95%
  • Fuel TypeNatural Gas
  • CSA ListedYes
  • ASME CertifiedYes
  • WarrantyUp to 10 years on parts
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Buderus AG is the holding company for the German Buderus concern, best known for three main divisions producing steel, cast iron pipe systems, and heating systems. The Heating Products division, Buderus Heiztechnik, produces furnaces, burners, boilers, solar heating systems, and heating control systems and supplies.

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The GB142 condensing boiler from Buderus is an impressive display of both efficiency and longevity. The advanced flue circuit of the GB142/45 works with the included modulating burner to extract every last BTU of heat energy out of the flue gas that comes into your home. The small size of the GB142 combined with its minimal installation clearances gives you astounding installation flexibility. Included with the boiler is a low-loss header, an internal manifold that guarantees proper fluid flow through the inside of the boiler at all times.

Condensing Technology Improves Efficiency

  • The GB142 is a condensing boiler, using the leftover energy in the boiler’s flue exhaust to further heat your home. Keep your home warmer for less energy cost!

Included AM10 Outdoor Reset and DHW Sensor

  • The GB142 line of boilers includes an AM10 outdoor reset control for optimal efficiency during temperate months and a DHW sensor for direct control of an indirect hot water tank.

Prefabricated Low-Loss Header

  • The GB142 comes with an internal low-loss header pre-installed. It ensures proper fluid flow rate throughout the unit, extending operation lifetime and bringing installation time down to an absolute minimum.

Small Size and Low Installation Clearances

  • Low installation clearances on all sides, wall mounting configuration, and small footprint translate into a boiler that can be installed almost anywhere.
  • ModelGB142
  • Fuel TypeNatural Gas
  • Combustion TypeCondensing
  • Vent TypeDirect Vent
  • Modulating/StagingModulating
  • Mount TypeWall
  • Minimum Altitude0 Feet
  • Maximum Altitude2000 Feet
  • Includes PumpYes
  • AFUE95%
  • Maximum Input Capacity160900 BTU
  • Minimum Input Capacity42500 BTU
  • DOE Heating Capacity142000 BTU
  • Net I=B=R Capacity124000 BTU
  • Ultra Low NOx EmissionsYes
  • Voltage120 Volts
  • Phase1
  • Frequency60 Hz
  • Flue Connection Size3 Inches
  • Gas Connection Size3/4 Inch
  • Supply Connection1 Inch
  • Return Connection1 Inch
  • Product Height28 Inches
  • Product Width35 1/2 Inches
  • Product Depth18 3/4 Inches
  • Product Weight143 Pounds
  • CSA ListedYes
  • ASME CertifiedYes
Wall-Mounted Gas Condensing Boiler Buderus GB142 Series Capacity 104,000 BTU
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*Product With Installation
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Various factors need to be considered such as
• Specific region and climate in which you live
• Orientation of your home (for example, if it faces west)
• Size and age of your windows
• Your home’s ventilation system and ductwork
• Quality and quantity of your home’s insulation
• Age of your home

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HVAC or Boiler installation requires electrical, gas and refrigerant knowledge as well as familiarity with local bylaws and building codes. Failure to properly install HVAC equipment can create safety concerns and performance issues as well as void manufacturer warranties. For those reasons, we always recommends professional installation.

Scheduling preventive maintenance is essential if you want to protect your investment in your air conditioner. Routine basic maintenance helps prevent problems from occurring and extends the life of your air conditioning unit.

There’s just one more thing to do. You should consider the best time to install your new air conditioner.
If you have an existing air conditioner that is not working and summer is approaching then you may want to get this done soon. Even if you have a functioning air conditioner, the installation process will mean you will be without air conditioning for at least some time. There will also be some disruption in your home while work is completed.
Discuss your preferred installation timescale with your home comfort advisor. They will explain the process and work with you to keep disruption to a minimum.


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