How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Home

How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Home
HVAC systems have a big impact on the quality of our life. Purchasing a new system is a significant investment and it should involve careful planning.

Here are the steps that you can take in order to choose the system which is right for your home.

Insulating and cleaning the ducts

Ensure that the ducts are in good condition. It’s advisable to employ a professional contractor who will properly insulate the ducts and clear them of dust and any other debris.

Finding a furnace

Replacing your old heating system with a newer energy-efficient system can save you up to 20% in energy costs. Higher efficiency could be achieved through improvements in air handler efficiencies.

Finding the right air conditioner

Finding an efficient, high-performance cooling system is vital for keeping your home cool as well as maintaining indoor air quality. Higher efficiency systems typically contain a variable-speed scroll compressor. Choose an air conditioner with an all-aluminium evaporator coil which is less prone to corrosion and leaks compared to a copper-and-steel evaporator coil.

Consider using a heat pump 

You’re not limited to a separate furnace and air conditioner. Consider buying a heat pump if you prefer an all-in-one heating and cooling system. In cooling mode, a heat pump works like an air conditioner, using refrigerant to remove heat from your home. And the heat pump can heat your home by picking up warmth from the outdoors and carrying it into your home because it contains a reversing valve that can change the direction the refrigerant flows. 

It’s crucial to determine your home’s heating and cooling load and properly install your system since efficiency depends on it. Our experts can help you to compare HVAC systems and choose the best one for your home. In Canada, you can purchase HVAC unit online or through a contractor. You can compare HVAC brands and take advantage of direct-to-consumer pricing. We can identify and solve pre-existing problems in your house, properly size the HVAC system, and expertly install it. 

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