Financing Means Greater Flexibility And Ease Of Purchase

Large household appliances are expensive. Often, people view them as an investment, particularly HVAC systems. Before making a decision, consumers will typically do extensive research and contact multiple suppliers, getting on average at least three quotes before pulling the purchase trigger.

Lack of financial resources can force consumers to make suboptimal decisions when buying a new appliance. Due to insufficient funds, consumers may have to purchase appliances that do not suit the design of their residence, lack some key features, or, even worse, are prone to breakdowns.

Flexible and fast financing options can help consumers alleviate budget constraints and ensure they purchase an ideal appliance for their household irrespective of price. Don’t settle for an appliance simply because you have the cash for an upfront purchase.

It is best to explore your financing options before making a final purchase decision. You will be amazed at some of the affordable plans that are available, which can help you buy the best HVAC system which can bring happiness to your home.

Increase Your Happiness and Your Bank Balance

We want to ensure you purchase a quality HVAC system, so you always feel calm and relaxed in your home. Your heating and cooling system has a profound impact on your overall happiness and is definitely worth investing in.

Your HVAC doesn’t just keep your mood in check; it also can save you thousands if you purchase a highly efficient system. Energy bills can quickly spiral out of control, and your HVAC equipment is often one of the main contributors as it typically accounts for half of the energy your home consumes every month. You can slash your energy bills by investing in an energy-efficient system.

HVAC Service is capable of facilitating a range of financing options based on your specific needs and budget. We have developed a system that makes it super easy to apply and be approved. You can apply online or give us a call. We do not require a downpayment or a high credit score. We are committed to helping families get the perfect HVAC system for their homes.

Financing Means Greater Flexibility And Ease Of Purchase

Many Flexible Options Available

HVAC Service is able to offer HVAC financing through our independent partner, Service Finance Company. We have the ability to provide 30 different types of loans, so no matter your situation, HVAC Service can find a loan that works for you. We also regularly offer seasonal financing deals such as low or 0 interest rates for specific durations of time.

HVAC Service can provide financing through SNAP Home Finance. Many of our customers are able to get automatic online approval with no wait times and utilize the range of payment plans and different financing options.

SNAP Home Finance is the best at providing its customers with simple and flexible financing terms. They even let you put the monthly payment on your credit card. They are expanding their operation to include the HVAC system rental program, which will be available Canada-wide, with the exception of Quebec.

How Else Can You Save?

When shelling out the big bucks for a new heating and cooling system, you not only have to think about your budget and financing options, but you need to pay attention to federal tax credits, local utility rebates and other initiatives that can put some extra money back in your pocket. HVAC Service knows exactly how to best take advantage of the government programs. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

Don’t skip on a quality. Make the best use of our simple and flexible financing options while also taking advantage of government rebate programs so you can purchase the heating and cooling system your family needs.

Call or message HVAC Service, your local Lennox Dealer, today! We will design an entire plan to ensure you get the best HVAC system for your household for the lowest price possible.