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Tired of spending money on new HVAC air filters every month? We get it. Meet reusable furnace filters – a simple, cost-effective way to keep your air clean without the hassle of constantly buying new filters. Breathe easy, save money, and help the environment with our easy-to-use reusable filters. 

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When it comes to servicing and repairing heating systems, they are the greatest technicians I've ever worked with. My parents had scheduled a boiler inspection. Only them, I guess, can fix things. The whole process from ordering to installing my new heating system was excellent. Thanks!
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About 10 days ago we had to turn to The HVAC Service because of our heater. Jason, the technician, finished everything fast, and he said the machine is going to perform well from here on out. Instead of saying "no, sorry, I have to go," he complied with our request for a water heater inspection. Each and every detail was examined carefully. Thankfully, there was no need for any repairs. The whole thing has beyond our expectations, and we would recommend them.
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To put it simply, they have talent. They are kind over the phone and provide a courtesy call 30 minutes before the technician is due to arrive. Chris stayed with us after he repaired our overheated furnace to ensure we understood how to maintain it properly and that his work would endure. Each and every one of the possible stars should be given to this service. Their tune-ups are excellent.
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It was a catastrophe to move after checking the heating systems. The previous owners were concerned about possible boiler leaks and wanted to get them fixed quickly. With the assistance of The HVAC Service, we were able to. Dave showed on the same day for his scheduled visit. Dave was a pro at working with rusty pipes. Nothing; I'm hopeless when it comes to heating system repairs, and I've learned nothing from online tutorials. This company was referred to me when my tankless water heater started leaking. Their expert diagnosed the mineral deposit and fixed the problem effectively.
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Wow, that's very great! They were devoted to selling a good furnace, not the most expensive one, when I called them to buy one. My relief upon learning that competent installation was included into the price was palpable. After arriving at our place, he had everything up and running in within 90 minutes. Thanx.
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Professionals from The HVAC Service are always sent out swiftly to inspect and fix the heating systems (we have turned to this company thrice!). Chris fixed the broken limit switch on the furnace. Once he had inspected the furnace, he got to work with everything he needed. He changed out the machine's limit switch and cautioned us against neglecting it, saying that clogged filters would make further maintenance impossible. Good!
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Without a doubt, I would recommend my friends and neighbors to use this service. Thank you for sending us a great technician like Derek. He is smart and acknowledgeable, and he quickly figured out why the Carrier boiler stopped heating water. He was quickly able to fix it. Awesome.
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I've been using The HVAC Service for a couple of years and can say only good things about these guys. The service is always excellent. I told everyone about it, so now when my family or friends need help, they go to them. I can recommend this service because I believe in it.
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I'd recommend Daniel, one of their techs. He is very good at what he does. He came right away when he got a phone call and fixed a Lennox AC. No questions asked, 5 points.
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Excellent work! Andrey is in charge of the installation, and I want to thank him for being helpful and doing a good job. Everything was done quickly and easily. The HVAC Service is 100% the best.
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The HVAC Service is my choice. I always go to their experts when I have a problem. A water heater should only be fixed or put in by people who know what they are doing. Dave caught a broken-down Trane boiler in time to keep my house from catching fire.
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If you haven't talked to The HVAC Service yet, you should. Don't worry if you don't know which to choose yet. You're in the best place to get help. Last week, Derek tuned up my new Carrier boiler. I've been happy every time.
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Technician Derek, thanks for doing a good job. My Lennox furnace is no longer making noise. This company has the best people working for it.
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Thank you a lot. How many times have your people helped me with tech issues? Oh, countless, you are my personal magic wind. The last time Daniel fixed a Goodman furnace. While I was away, I didn't worry about my home because I knew it was fine.
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This company is without a doubt the best when it comes to getting things done. You can be sure that the work will be done well and that the people who come to your house will do a good job. They only hire technicians who have gone to school and worked for a long time.
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Excellent work! My water heater took a long time to heat up. My husband tried to fix it, but it didn't work. I was lucky to have The HVAC Service's number. The repairman came out the same day and quickly and easily fixed the Goodman water heater. We're both happy, me and my husband.
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One of the wisest decisions I made was to purchase the humidifier from The HVAC Service. The HVAC Service. To begin with, their customer service representatives are always kind and helpful while responding to your questions. The guy who installed the system is very knowledgeable. My needs have been met to my complete satisfaction!
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For my hotel company this company is the best - I just use their service to rent furnaces. When it comes to brands, they don't try to push on their customers and make them select one over another. Instead, they pay attention to what you want and go above and beyond. Exceptional professionalism and excellent customer service!

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Buy a Reusable Filter in Canada

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Are Reusable Furnace Filters Good?

Considering reusable furnace filters? Wondering, “Are reusable furnace filters good?” The answer is a resounding yes! 

Reusable furnace filters are a smart choice for cost-conscious and eco-conscious individuals. With the convenience of a one-time investment, these filters deliver long-term savings, effective air purification, and a reduced environmental footprint. Make the switch to reusable filters for a cleaner home, healthier air, and a wallet-friendly solution.

Washable Filters vs. Disposable Filters

One-time investment, long-term savings
Monthly costs add up over time
Eco-friendly, reduces waste
Contributes to landfill waste
Easy maintenance, no frequent replacements
Regular replacements, time-consuming
Reliable filtration, reusable
Effective but requires consistent replacements
Durable, long-lasting with proper care
Limited lifespan, frequent replacements needed
Simple cleaning, consistent performance
Hassle of regular replacements, potential professional assistance

From Cost Savings to Enhanced Filtration: Top Benefits of the Reusable Furnace Filters

Washable filters stand as a cornerstone in advancing air filtration technologies, offering a myriad of benefits that transcend mere convenience. Elevate your air quality experience with these noteworthy advantages: 

Cost Savings

Reusable filters present a cost-effective solution through a one-time investment. By mitigating the need for monthly replacements, users benefit from substantial long-term savings.

Environmental Friendliness

Reducing landfill waste, these filters contribute significantly to environmental conservation efforts.


Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent replacements, allowing for a more seamless and stress-free air filtration process.

Effective Filtration

Washable filters excel in reliable air purification, addressing diverse particulate matter and maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

Durable and Long-lasting

With proper care, reusable furnace filters demonstrate durability, outlasting their disposable counterparts and providing enduring filtration performance.

How Do Reusable Filters Contribute to Improved Air Quality

How Do Reusable Filters Contribute to Improved Air Quality?

Reusable filters serve as integral contributors to elevated indoor air quality. Their continuous filtration capability ensures a steady supply of purified air, free from common airborne irritants like dust, pollen, and pet dander. This sustained air quality improvement is further accentuated by the filters’ effective particle removal, creating a healthier living environment.

Beyond their direct impact on air purity, reusable filters play a vital role in environmental stewardship. By obviating the need for disposable filters and reducing landfill waste, they champion sustainability, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. Simultaneously, their cost-effective nature, marked by a one-time investment, not only makes clean air accessible but also reinforces an eco-conscious and budget-friendly approach to maintaining indoor air quality. 

How Reusable Furnace Filters Can Save You Money?

Investing in washable filters proves to be a financially savvy decision with several key money-saving benefits. Firstly, their one-time purchase eliminates the need for frequent replacements, translating into significant long-term savings compared to disposable counterparts. The durability of washable filters, when coupled with proper maintenance, extends their lifespan, further maximizing your initial investment. 

How Reusable Furnace Filters Can Save You Money

Moreover, the reduced frequency of replacements not only saves on the cost of purchasing new filters but also minimizes the associated time and effort. This convenience, coupled with the filters’ eco-friendly nature, makes washable filters a cost-effective solution that aligns with both your budget and your commitment to environmental sustainability. So, reusable filters are not just air purification devices but also smart, cost-efficient investments that contribute to a healthier home and budget savings. 

How Often Should I Clean My Reusable Furnace Air Filters?

Keeping your air clean is easy with washable filters, but they need a little TLC too. Aim to give them a good rinse every 1 to 3 months, depending on how much action they’re seeing. If your living space is bustling, or if you’ve got some furry friends around, you might want to check them more often. Just eyeball them every now and then, and when they start looking a bit dusty, it’s time for a quick wash. Following the simple cleaning instructions from the manufacturer ensures your filters keep doing their job, giving you a breath of fresh air without any hassle. 

How to Wash a Reusable Filter?

Now that you’ve got your hands on the reusable furnace air filters, let’s explore the steps to keep it clean and ready for action.

Turn Off HVAC System

Ensure safety by turning off your HVAC system before removing the filter. 

Remove and Inspect

Gently take out the filter, shaking off loose debris. Check for visible dirt or particles

Rinse Under Water

Wash the filter under running water, using a gentle stream to remove finer particles. Avoid high-pressure water

Optional Detergent (if needed)

For stubborn dirt or odors use a mild detergent suitable for your filter type. Gently scrub with a soft brush or sponge

Thorough Rinse

After using detergent, rinse the filter thoroughly to remove any soap residue

Air Dry

Allow the filter to air dry completely before reinstalling, preventing mold or mildew growth

Reinstall and Turn On HVAC System

Carefully place the dry filter back into its housing. Turn on your HVAC system and enjoy the benefits of a freshly cleaned air filter

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How Much Do the Washable Filters Cost in Canada?

Investing in washable filters is a smart choice for both your pocket and the planet. The initial cost varies depending on factors such as filter size and type, but rest assured, it’s a one-time expense. With reusable furnace air filters, you’ll save money over the long run by eliminating the need for frequent replacements. Explore our product page for detailed pricing information tailored to your specific filtration needs. 

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