5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

Have you noticed your energy bills are continuously rising? Or maybe the atmosphere in the house is not so fresh as it used to be? Well, your AC can be a reason. Nothing is permanent, and air conditioners sometimes need replacement too.

Here are the 5 most obvious signs that you need to replace your air conditioner:

  • Air conditioner lifespan;
  • Utility bills are high;
  • Frequent repairs;
  • AC is struggling to cool your home;
  • AC is making strange noises.

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Your Air Conditioner Is Over 10 Years Old

Did you know, according to Energy Star Canada, that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is approximately ten years? Air conditioners older than ten years are likely to experience frequent breakdowns, costly repairs and struggle to adequately cool your home.
If your AC unit is getting close to the ten-year mark, it usually makes financial sense to purchase a new unit as according to Energy.Gov, you reduce your AC costs by 20% to 40% by replacing your old air conditioner with a new, more efficient model.

Your Utility Bills Are Rising

Air conditioners are responsible for 46% of the average household energy bill, this equates to costing you over $100 per month.

The older your AC is, the less efficient it is. You can slash your energy bill by 50% by using a 15 Seer rated air conditioner or even more if you opt for a 20+ Seer rated AC unit. If you have an 11 Seer rated or lower AC unit, consider purchasing a new one.

Your AC Unit Requires Costly And Frequent Repairs

As your air conditioner ages, it becomes more susceptible to breakdowns, requiring frequent repairs. If that is not bad enough, these repairs continue to rise in price as parts become difficult to source and the labour hours increase.

If repairing your air conditioner is going to cost at least 20% of the cost of purchasing a new AC unit, then you should strongly consider replacing your unit. If the repair cost is 30% + of a new air conditioner, it is time to immediately buy a new AC unit.

It isn’t just the cost of the air conditioner repair you have to evaluate when determining if you should purchase a new AC unit. You also have to figure out if the repair can solve the problem or it is just a band-aid fix.

Your Air Conditioner Is Struggling To Cool Your Home

Have you noticed that your AC unit is taking longer to cool your home or isn’t able to maintain an ideal temperature like it used to?

If you have checked for clogs, made sure the thermostat is working and that the motor is running fine, then this is a major warning sign that your air conditioner is on a downward performance trajectory.

Wear and tear can often result in air conditioner failing to cool your home and even producing warm air. Frequent repair will only be a temporary solution. Before deciding whether your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced, we recommend having a professional check of your unit. Our technicians are available for urgent, same-day inspections and can give you expert advice on how best to cool your home.

Your AC Unit Is Making Strange Noises

Has your AC been making clicking, banging, clanking or buzzing sounds? These are all signs of potential problems that may require you to purchase a new unit.

  • Constant clicking coming from your air conditioner is typically a sign of electrical problems. Electrical issues need an inspection by a certified technician ASAP! If it is a problem with your AC’s motor, the unit may need replacement.
  • Banging sounds are often caused by a loose or broken part. We usually find a banging sound is associated with broken compressors. These can be fixed without having to replace the entire AC unit.
  • AC units regularly buzzing sound can be caused by a wide range of factors, including broken blowers or air filters, motor failure and loose fan blades. You will need to hire a technician to find out the source and extent of the problem.
  • Clanking sounds should not be ignored and require urgent attention. They usually indicate that parts within your AC unit have broken. If your air conditioner is clanking, then you need to immediately stop running the machine as it will exacerbate the problem.

It is not always easy to know when to get your air conditioner repaired or replaced. However, if your AC unit is older than ten years, breaks down regularly and requires expensive repairs, not cooling your home properly, making strange noises, and your energy bills are high, get ready to buy a new unit.

Before you decide to purchase a new air conditioner, we recommend you have your AC unit assessed by our licensed technicians, who will advise you on your best course of action. Contact us today to schedule an inspection!