3 Reasons You and Your Family Need а Humidifier

3 Reasons You and Your Family Need a Humidifier

Due to the climate we live in, most Canadians have felt the discomfort dry air can cause.

Therefore, humidifiers are becoming more and more popular in Canada. Let’s explore the benefits they bring.

Combat health issues caused by dry air 

Humidifiers add healthy levels of clean moisture to your air and help to maintain the ideal humidity level in house during summer. The minute you add a humidifier to your home, you can begin to feel the health benefits:

·         It prevents respiratory problems

Overly dry environment makes you more susceptible to infection, irritates the airways in your nose and throat because mucous membranes can’t work well when they are dried out. Humidifiers reduce the incidence of respiratory infections.

·        It keeps your skin soft and vibrant

In the most severe cases, the skin’s lack of moisture can lead to cracks or bleeding. And lips are composed of tender skin, therefore they tend to chap easily. Using a humidifier can help to rehydrate your skin naturally. High humidity in house in summer alleviates the common symptoms associated with dry skin, like skin feeling tight, dry, itchy, or flaky.

Protect your furniture & floors

When wooden items become too dry, it can lead to cracking or splitting. Because wood responds to temperature and humidity changes, it’s critical to keep a consistent indoor environment. 
Setting the optimal humidity level in house in summer can save you from the high cost of maintenance and repair. Wooden floors and furniture last longer when they are in an environment where the humidity is controlled.

Improve sleeping and reduce snoring

Properly balanced moist in the air helps to breathe easily and sleep soundly. The moisture from a humidifier maintains ideal indoor humidity in summer, keeping the throat from drying out and relieving the intensity of snoring. Also, humidifiers are typically silent, which means you won’t even know it’s there.

The ideal home humidity levels summer should stay between 30 and 50 percent. From preventing illnesses to helping you and your house look better, humidifier can protect people you love, and things you own.

If you are interested in choosing the right humidifier for your home or have any questions, you can always talk to our engineering technicians about your concerns and needs.

3 Reasons You and Your Family Need a Humidifier 2