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Tune-Up Heating Combo


Why do I need a heating combo tune-up

Many homeowners don’t think about their HVAC systems until there’s a problem.

By having your equipment professionally checked at least once a year, you reduce the risk of malfunction during the months when you use the unit most. A professional tune-up will save you from costly repair bills and unwanted problems. Schedule a furnace + boiler + heat pumps tune-up right now and provide your home with сomfort throughout winter.

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What is included in heating combo tune-up

An annual heating combo tune-up is one of the most convenient things for every homeowner.

During the procedure, our professional HVAC technician will check all parts of your furnace/boiler/heat pump, investigate components that may need a replacement, as well as check the units for dangerous leaks. All these measures will help keep your systems operating efficiently.

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Cost of heating combo tune-up

To protect your home from cold winter days, schedule a complex heating combo tune-up, which includes

a furnace + boiler + heat pumps maintenance. We provide timely and quality services in Canada at reasonable prices.

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    Combo tune-up FAQs

    What is a tune-up?

    Similar to how you visit a general practitioner every year for a check-up, HVAC professional has to check the key components of the system and make adjustments to keep it operating efficiently.

    What you can expect from a combo tune-up?

    Tune-up includes inspection of the condition of the system, and cleaning, repair, or replacement of the required components.

    What are the benefits of routine maintenance?

    Regular tune-ups are an important part of keeping your system operating at its best, and if you haven’t already had one performed, now is the time to do so. Catching problems early allows you to correct them immediately.

    Why are tune-ups important?

    During the regular tune-ups systems are checked for developing problems. Also, normal wear and tear are addressed. 



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