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Furnace tune-up – how often?

The furnace tune-up covers the essential maintenance care your heating system needs each year.

Your heating equipment carries a constant load during colder months. That’s why prompt repairs are essential, and there’s no better time to perform them before your heating season starts. Professional technicians say that it is necessary to have a tune-up performed each year. Regular care of the equipment will save time and money. It is the best solution for every homeowner.

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Why is a furnace tune-up important?

A lot of owners of gas or electric furnaces wonder what is a furnace tune-up, and why this procedure is so important?

The tune-up comprises a full inspection of your equipment designed to fix small problems before they can grow into big ones. This procedure can prevent serious damage to your equipment, so you can always be sure that your heating system is in perfect condition. Also, this procedure significantly extends the service life of your equipment. Thus, the average furnace will need replacement after about 15 years, but if you take care of yours, it may work perfectly for more than 20. Our professional technicians know how to tune-up a gas or electric furnace correctly and safely.

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Cost of a furnace tune-up

Our furnace tune-up checklist covers fundamental care for all components of the heating system.

Get professional assistance at a reasonable price. Tune-up your furnace and receive 50% off on duct cleaning! We are ready to help you anywhere in Calgary, Edmonton, and in other cities of Canada.

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    What is an annual furnace tune-up?

    It is yearly preventative maintenance of your furnace to ensure that the heating system is operating efficiently and safely. All major furnace components are inspected and, if required, fixed.

    When should I schedule an annual furnace tune-up?

    Furnace tune-up can be done any time, but most families schedule them in the fall in order to be prepared for a comfortable heating season.

    Is maintenance necessary if I’m not experiencing issues?

    Much like an oil change for a car, your seasonal furnace maintenance is a service to prevent issues from happening. A technician can find leaks and other potential problems so they can be addressed. And a furnace that’s in good working order will last longer.

    Isn’t furnace cleaning the same thing as preventative maintenance?

    Anyone can clean the surface parts of a furnace but only professionals are able to inspect the condition of key functional parts.



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