Tune up your Ductless Air Conditioner

We will make your ductless air conditioner run properly. Affordable ductless air conditioner tune-up.

Tune-Up Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless air conditioner tune-up

You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable, but for your equipment to work perfectly, regular maintenance is required.

Tune-ups are important for helping your ductless air conditioner operate more efficiently, and also increase the service life of the equipment. 

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What is included in an AC tune-up

Our licensed professional HVAC technicians will carry out a full AC tune-up checklist, which includes a visual inspection

of the system, inspecting and changing filters, evaporator coils and condensers cleaning,  mold, dust, and debris removing, checking blowers and blades for proper airflow, and checking all connections. Also, the specialist will look for the signs of potential breakdown, and eliminate them before problems arise.

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Cost of AC tune-up

Annual AC tune-up is relatively inexpensive compared to a more serious issue which will inevitably lead to costly repairs.

We offer the most quality maintenance in Canada. Schedule a professional AC tune-up right now!

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    Does a ductless AC system need a tune-up?

    A heating and cooling system, whether ducted or ductless, works days tirelessly on end, which eventually results in wear and tear. A timely tune-up can help to save money on your home’s energy costs as well as AC repairs. Your unit will last much longer.

    Why does the ductless system need a tune-up?

    Continuous operations for a long time result in its wear and tear. All mechanical systems need a tune-up, and so do ductless AC systems.

    What things are checked during a tune-up of ductless AC?

    The indoor and outdoor units, along with the filter of the indoor units, will be checked, and given a thorough cleaning; moving parts will be lubricated. In case any problems are detected, our technician will bring them to your notice and carry out the necessary repairs.

    How do I know if I need a ductless AC system tune-up?

    It’s recommended to do tune-up every year since neglecting it can increase the chance of major breakages. When a ductless AC has an annual tune up it lasts longer than systems that aren’t properly maintained.



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