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Water Heater Repair - Our Advantages

Same day repair

Same day repair

Our trucks carry all major parts to complete the repair same day

2 hour arrival window

2-hour arrival window

We employ a big service team that is able to arrive to inspect your unit same day

Proper Diagnostics

Proper Diagnostics

We are very confident that we will diagnose your unit’s issue correctly, if we provide you with the wrong information we will fully refund the service call

Up front pricing

Up front pricing

Before performing any repairs you will know all the prices upfront, no hidden fees or surprises on your final bill guaranteed.

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We are The HVAC Service. A company with a hometown heart and a passionate desire to make the world a better place, by providing excellent service and making something complex look easy. Whether we’re providing heating, cooling, or getting your water to be hot, we take a big step to make sure that you are comfortable in your own home.

Service is in our company name and is the core of our business. We hand pick the best-skilled workers, make sure they meet our highest standards and prepare them to live by the law of “Go-Giver” whether it’s in life or business. Our team strives through a special build program that trains high-level customer service at all levels of the company. Starting from our website and finishing with the last screw installed.


water heater repair

People use around 180 litres of hot water per day, which can be compared with a full bath of water. That makes a water heater one of the vital appliances in the household. When it malfunctions or breaks down, especially during the cold season, the whole house’s comfort suffers.


Our specialists can handle different issues with a water heater: not heating, inefficient energy consumption, and hot water tank leakage. We can even restore your tank if it was installed improperly. Repairs take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the issue.

Purchase a water heater from us and get installation free! Our water heaters installers fully trained and licensed to do any type of installation. Installation takes from half an hour to several hours, depending on the water heater type.

We work with:

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The HVAC Service offers you individual maintenance plans for your WH, which will be the foremost guarantor of the unit’s stable functioning. With our water heater maintenance plan, you will achieve:

What are you waiting for? Contact us right now and get a full WH maintenance plan for a good price.

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Customer Reviews

Technicians from the HVAC Service performed the work perfectly, consulted, during the work it turned out that there were additional problems and also eliminated them. Satisfied with the work, everything was great
James Sosa
10/10 to this punctual, fast and professional team. i stay with u. thanx for my on-time fixed furnace two yrs ago it still works.
Emma Holland
My furnace got rusty over years cause i never cleaned it from debris. the hvac service asked john to test it. he managed to prolong its life for two years. after he helped to select a new one. qualified expert!
Edna Nelson
Affordable prices, discounts, and amiable servicemen made me add the HVAC service to my list of fav services in Toronto. recommend others to try it and witness how professionals work
Shawn Lamb
my furnace was out of order last weekend and i needed an emergency repair. all companies in Toronto were busy and only the hvac service agreed to come. thank u guys. u rescued me
Ronald Swann
Your service man did an outstanding job. Keep up the good work guys.
Judy Holman
Fantastic communication, with genuine pride in customer service. Highly recommended and definitely on the top of my list if I need maintenance or repair.
Erin Chandler
Chris is a very friendly guy, he arrived on time, did a great job, and cleaned everything up afterward. I would recommend him. A job well done at a very fair price.
Dustin Mcbride
Absolutely brilliant, never used it before, but would definitely recommend this company to my friends. Good work and quick response to my call and they do not overcharge. Will use them again.
Kimberly Stone
Thanks HVAC for the service. The tech was competent, professional, and had a really polite and likable personality.
Marsha Mitchell

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frequent breakdowns

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