Affordable water softener rental program in Canada

Maintain your healthy skin renting innovative water softener system for $10-100 per month

Rent Water Softener

Water quality is assessed by several parameters, and one of the most important is the hardness parameter. Unfortunately, the level of purification in our water supply systems is not good enough to be used for taking shower, washing dishes or washing clothes. Hard water also contributes to the scale formation in washing machines and dishwashers, making you spend money on costly repairs. Soft water is what you need for a healthy and comfortable life, and water softeners will come to your aid.

The water softening process is when calcium Ca2 + and magnesium Mg2 + salts are removed from the water. It is these salts that make water hard. To solve this problem, you can rent a water softener from our company. The filter is easy to install and operate, does not take up much space and operates almost silently. If you want to make your life more comfortable, just choose the necessary equipment online, and our specialists will install it at any time convenient for you. 

Don’t waste your time searching for water softener companies near you, because you’re already in the right place. In The HVAC Service, we offer the best water softener deals.  Our pricing policy allows you to choose the most comfortable payment method – you can pay per month or per day. We are working 24/7, so you can get your equipment professionally installed on the same day. Book an appointment right now!


Water Softener Monthly Rental

Hard water makes detergents 65% less effective, causing you to use more than twice as much soap as needed. If you want to maintain your natural silky-smooth skin, consider a water softener rental.

Whether you own a condo, or are renting a home, a water softener system rental could be the sensible, cost-efficient, and low-risk choice.

Here are the top six advantages to consider:

  • Renting a water softener is more bounce to the ounce if compared to buying.
  • There are no installation charges, and no liability for replacement.
  • All repairs and maintenance are covered.
  • Our renting agreements will cover the total lifetime of your unit.


Why Should You Consider a Rental?

You could qualify for discounts on home insurance, or rebates from utility providers and the government. Do you want to save money? A water softener monthly rental is the best choice.


We Service over 60+ Brands, Including:

Carrier, Lennox, Ruud, Tempstar, Goodman, Coleman, Frigidaire, Luxaire, Payne, Rheem, Trane, Amana, Bryant, York, American Standard, Day & Night, Hell, Arcoaire, Maytag, Armstrong, Ducane.

The HVAC Service covers all repairs, parts, labour, and a full unit replacement. In case of any issue, we have your back with 24/7 Customer Service Support, and full access to licensed and certified technicians.

If you still have questions, leave your phone number and we will call you back!

    Water softener FAQs

    How much does it cost to rent a water softener?

    Different factors affect the final price. Contact our 24/7 Support Center, and the agent will help you to choose a water softener meeting your needs and requirements. 

    How does a water softener work?

    A water softener filter passes water through an ion-exchange granular layer, which replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions.

    What is hard water?

    Hard water has a high level of calcium and magnesium  These chemical elements cause other positively charged ions to dissolve less easily. In particular,  these minerals may cause cardiovascular mortality, skin/hair issues, reproductive health issues, and could even shorten the lifespan of your household appliances.



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