All Seasons Maintenance!

Maintenance BOTH heating and cooling systems at the best price in Canada

Maintenance Furnace + AC


Why do I need furnace + AC maintenance?

Routine maintenance by a professional technician will extend the service life of your equipment and prevent minor issues from turning into costly problems.

For season-long reliability, it is important to have your heating and air conditioning system checked by a professional. Whatever type of system you have, don’t wait until it breaks down. Our HVAC specialist will check your equipment for damages, adjust the system, and fix minor breakdowns, if necessary. Before cold autumn nights set in, schedule your annual furnace + AC  maintenance

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Furnace + AC maintenance checklist

A well-kept furnace and AC will make your home more comfortable during cold months.

Our licensed professional HVAC technician will carry out a full maintenance checklist, which includes a visual inspection of the systems, inspecting and changing filters, evaporator coils and condensers cleaning, inspection ducts for mold, dust, and debris, checking blowers and blades for proper airflow and checking all connections. All these measures will guarantee the perfect operation of your equipment.

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Cost of furnace + AC maintenance

If you want to avoid costly furnace problems, then call our HVAC technician to come out and do maintenance on your furnace and AC system.

With complex annual maintenance, you can be sure that your equipment is in perfect condition. We offer good prices and discounts.  Contact us now!

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    All Seasons Maintenance FAQs

    What kind of regular maintenance should I expect?

    As your HVAC is the primary method of air circulation in your home, it’s important to ensure that the airflow is unrestricted. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to ensure that the air filters continue to effectively remove dust and debris, and that heat exchangers and coils are not restricted. In case of any problems, our technician will carry out the necessary repairs.

    How often should I schedule HVAC maintenance?

    Maintenance should be scheduled in the spring before the summer cooling season, and in the fall before the heating season.

    Why is it important to have regular maintenance?

    In the same way that an automobile requires periodic maintenance for optimal performance, the HVAC system should be regularly inspected by a qualified technician. It will ensure safe performance, good efficiency, and prevent future breakdowns.

    What can regular maintenance uncover?

    Preventive maintenance performed regularly can uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires, and corroded electrical contacts.



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